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Best Tips for Moving Home

How to Move Home

Moving is a stressful time, but how to move home becomes an even greater challenge if you have not organised how to move. A removalist will take the stress out of how to move and make the whole process easy. 1800 Interstate Removalist offer a cost-effective alternative to moving your home with a truck and do all the hard work for you. There are some options to moving home you can consider. Many choose to hire a removalist to move home because it saves them both time and money. They save time and the possibility of damages to goods because having professionals who know exactly how to handle, load, transport, unload all types of furniture goods just makes sense. Another option is hiring your own truck and moving all your own goods yourself or with family’s members and or friends. While that may seem like a smart way to save money. It's not always true, especially if you are moving long distances. Hiring a truck will come with hidden costs, bond deposits, insurance, equipment hire. It can work out much more expensive.

But how to move home with a removalist is the most popular option. 1800 Interstate Removalists are experienced professionals who have been doing how to move home for more than two decades. They are committed to providing exceptional how to move services, moving home furniture and other goods throughout Australia to and from every state and territory but specialising in East Coast removals all along the east coast of Australia. 1800 Interstate Removalists offer an extensive moving service for both home and businesses.

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Choosing the right Removalist or Mover

How 1800 Interstate Removalist can Help!

Another thing to consider when hiring a removalist is finding the right moving company or removalist. You can do this by researching moving companies and comparing prices for moving your belongings. This way you can find a moving company that has the most affordable rates as well as good reviews from customers.

It is always best to choose a reliable moving company that you know will be able to safely pack and transport your belongings. You are moving all your belongings, including furniture, so it is important to choose a moving company that knows what they are doing and can complete the job right the first time.

Choosing the best moving company for you is an important task that should not be taken lightly or rushed into. You want to make sure you do your research so you are moving with a moving company that will do the job right. It is also important to choose moving companies that have good reviews from other customers, just in case you need their services in the future.

Choosing the best moving company can come down to price and availability. More remote places might cost a little more as a removalist will sometimes add an extra cost called a (Diversion). If a removalist regularly passes through or near a town or city, then chances are they have competitive rates and will be able to provide a safe and secure moving experience for you!

How to Save money on your Home Move

Moving home can be very stressful and may cost thousands of dollars to get the job done with everything you want moved. There are many ways you save money when moving home.

1. It’s advisable that you find someone who is moving their own household goods at the same time, because it may save money on your relocation to share truck hire with them.
2. Decluttering, go through what you have and what you may not need or want anymore. Most quotes for moving home furniture are based on the size of the load and the distance you need your possessions moved. Therefore, the more you can save and declutter will save on your moving quote.
3. Dispose of junk and recycling goods responsibly and save money by using a removalist to do all the heavy lifting for you or helpers with gear provided by 1800 Interstate Removalists
4. Lear to pack your own boxes and if done right, you will save money and have all the possessions in those boxes transit nicely to your new home or dwelling.

Packing and Unpacking Boxes

Packing boxes for moving home is something no one really wants to do, but it's necessary. There are steps to packing boxes that should be followed during packing and unpacking.

Steps to packing boxes

1. Get packing supplies - packing paper/tissue paper/bubble wrap, packing tape, marker
2. Choose packing boxes - packing paper/tissue paper/bubble wrap, packing tape, marker
3. Pack breakables - packing paper/tissue paper/bubble wrap, packing tape, marker
4. Pack non-breakables - packing paper/tissue paper/bubble wrap, packing tape, marker
5. Close packing boxes - packing tape, marker

Steps to unpacking boxes

1. Unpack breakables - packing paper/tissue paper/bubble wrap, packing tape, marker. Unpacking packing boxes may seem like the easiest step but there are a few things that should be taken into consideration when unpacking packing boxes:
1. Make sure packing boxes to not overfill any area - packing boxes should not be too stuffed or packing boxes will break
2. Make sure packing boxes are sealed securely - packing tape, marker
3. Unpack packing boxes carefully/slowly - pushing packing boxes quickly may cause them to fall over and break
4. Space out unloading packing boxes - unloading packing boxes into a single pile causes packing boxes to fall over and break
5. Unpack packing boxes in the proper room - packing boxes should not be unpacked into a space that is too small for them
6. Keep packing tape, marker - packing tape, marker is needed each time packing/unpacking packing boxes
7. Label unpacking packing boxes - packing boxes should be labelled with either an "x" (unpacked) or a check mark (packed) so you know where packing boxes have been unpacked to The packing and unpacking process shouldn't take too much time when packing boxes, but it's important to do things right.

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