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We provide office relocating services that include having all your heavy furniture items and equipment transported from one office locations to another or having your office furniture transported into storage. With regular removalists ready to assist with your long-distance office move. We know how to transport a range of furniture items and goods. Including heavy awkward items. Our office furniture removalists have the experience and understand how to dismantle and assemble everything needed to be transported.

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Ever wondered how on earth you are going to transport large amounts of furniture items from one office to another? Simple, with our trained office removal experts! We take care of all the heavy lifting, transportation and setup of your new office furniture and equipment. Get packing and unpacking services with your office relocation using the best office moving company in Australia. 1800 Interstate Removalist make moving office simple easy and cost-effective for all our customers. With free Office removal quotes readily available all year round. Using reputable methods for transporting all types of office furniture and equipment.

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Backloading Office Furniture and Goods

Like our removals and office furniture moving services. We can also provide a cheaper office furniture backloading service. Depending on the amount of furniture, equipment, and goods you want moved. It is important to get a list of items into us so we can establish the amount of space your office backload will require. Getting an office backload is a cheaper method for moving office furniture long distances. But does sometimes require flexible moving dates for both pickup and delivery. If this is something you could do then having our office backloading removalists provide an office furniture backload will be perfect!

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So, whether want an office furniture backload, an office furniture removalist or simple want to transport office furniture long distances within the same state or territory or interstate from one state or territory to another. 1800 Interstate Removalist have the means and expertise to ensure a safe, reliable, cost-effective office furniture moving services for various amounts of furniture and goods.

How we transport furniture office and goods depends on the type of furniture and goods you want moved. We can dismantle which sometimes is the only option to ensure the furniture is moved safely in and out of business premises. Another service we can provide which will save you time is packing services. We can pack all your furniture items and goods into boxes along with unpack at your new location. It is a simple straight forward process that will add the price of your office move but is highly recommended as packing properly also ensures minimal friction and damages to goods.

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We move all types of office furniture and equipment throughout Australia and the east coast of Australia every day. Moving office furniture is easier with a reliable, trusted interstate office moving company. Request a free quote today with 1800 Interstate Removalist for competitive prices and a reliable office moving service!