Moving Home and Relocating Furniture During Covid-19

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Removalists and Movers During Pandemic

Moving Home or Office During Covid-19

While moving furniture and goods has remained an essential service that is both allowed and remains cost effective. Unfortunately, during the Covid-19 pandemic getting yourself across borders has become a little stressful. With outbreaks of Covid-19 happening at various times, some states and territories are more or less strict with border restrictions and limitations. We would like to advise all our customers that moving your furniture and goods will not be an issue while essential services are allowed. Having said that, it is important to understand what is required if you wish to cross the border from one state or territory to another as part of your interstate move.

Covid-19 Removalists and Backloading Removals

Moving During Coronavirus Pandemic

Important Information about Moving Interstate

Whether you are moving home or want some furniture and goods moved during the Coronavirus Pandemic. It is important to understand what may or may not be in place regarding restrictions and moving between states and territories. During the Pandemic, moving furniture and goods has remained an essential service which means that all furniture items and goods have been able to be moved across the country. Moving yourself across the border is another story though. Many states and territories have implemented restrictions and requirements for moving. You may need to go into quarantine or self-isolation depending on that state or territories requirements. We recommend checking with the relevant state or territory government website. With updates nearly on a weekly basis. The relevant government website is the best place to find out current movement restrictions.

Information about moving during Covid-19

Border Information

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Things to Consider when Moving During Covid-19

Moving Interstate while there is a Pandemic

There may be a few things to consider if there are border restrictions and or requirements for moving across the border. While your furniture and goods can be transported. Having someone available at both pickup and delivery locations is an important factor for our removalists. Whether you get someone to be available at either pickup or the delivery locations or you can be there yourself. Getting access to move your furniture and goods ensures your interstate move can happen! So, consider if you want to cross the border you are moving into and or if you will require to quarantine.

Think about how important moving is for you and when it can be done. It might be worth waiting for borders to be open to book in your move. When a vaccine is available may ensure more free travel between states and territories.

Covid-19 Removalists and Movers

1800 Interstate Removalist have been transporting furniture and goods as moving has been considered an essential service. Transporting freight between states and territories is important for many people for many reasons. You can request a free interstate removalist quote during Covid-19 but it is also important to remember the border restrictions in place at that time in whichever state or territory you will be moving to.

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Easy way to move during Covid-19

Whether you are looking at moving home furniture, office furniture. Transporting your vehicle such as car, boat, motor bike or anything else. We can ensure a safe and secure transportation of goods during Covid-19. Guaranteed to transport all your goods safely and effectively either within the same state or territory or across the border.